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Jan 18, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Warren Flack, VP of Worldwide Lithography Applications, Veeco Instruments
While the growth of mobile devices is projected to remain stagnant next year, we don't expect this to hold true for FOWLP. High demand for memory and greater processing power will require steady expansion of high and low-density FOWLP in 2019. Another driver will be 5G, expected to reach production phase ...

Jan 17, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Yann Guillou, Global Marketing & Sales Director, Trymax Semiconductor Equipment
Before looking at 2019, it is important to take a step back and analyze how 2018 went. Both the global IC market and equipment kept on growing and for Trymax, it was the best year ever in sales. We confirmed our strong position in the European market in resist stripping in both 200 and 300mm wafer sizes in power semi ...

Jan 16, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Thomas Uhrmann, Director of Business Development, EV Group
The semiconductor industry is experiencing a profound shift in what is driving its future innovation. Increasingly, fewer device manufacturers are able to follow the path of "More Moore" and lithographically scale to smaller design nodes due to the exponentially rising costs associated with optical and EUV lithography ...

Jan 15, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Poupak Khodabandeh, Vice President and Global Head Semiconductor Packaging Materials, Henkel Corporation
The electronics assembly value chain is in the midst of a renaissance and the semiconductor packaging industry is at the center of this transformation. Significant consolidation and shifts across the pillars of the electronics assembly industry -- with impacts to the semiconductor packaging ecosystem -- are being driven ...

Jan 14, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Michael Chalsen, President, MRSI Systems
MRSI Systems enters 2019 with two new product families MRSI-HVM3 and MRSI-H3 (complementing our traditional market-leading MRSI-705 and MRSI-M3 products for R&D/medium volume production). These two product families are targeted towards high-volume applications driven by 5G wireless, data center, telecommunication ...

Jan 11, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Christopher L. Henderson, President, Semitracks
2019 will continue to see the proliferation of new package types and packaging processes. This increase in complexity leads to a need for increased knowledge in the areas of materials processing, electrical characterization, thermomechanical stresses, and process optimization and control. Today's engineers need to know ...

Jan 10, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Dr John Nelson, President & CEO, UTAC
With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), where over 50 billion devices and applications, from smartphones to sensors, are expected to be in use by 2020, it is important for businesses to innovate continuously in an increasingly connected world. UTAC - an OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly & Test) partner to fabless ...

Jan 9, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Stéphane Tremblay, Site Business Development Manager, IBM Assembly & Test Services
All through 2018, we have asserted our assembly and test proposition in several key areas providing solutions for high current and high thermal dissipation applications in computing electronics market and developing specialized areas with attractive know- how in RF, Antennas, SiP and advanced opto electronic packaging ...

Jan 8, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Daniel Chir, Product Line Manager, Nordson MARCH
While the outlook for 2019 may look hazy, the trends are clearly in autonomous vehicles, data processing/AI, and mobile computing, which will drive innovation in the semiconductor industry. Nordson MARCH will invest in our core plasma technology and bring to market advanced plasma systems that serve the industry's needs. ...

Jan 7, 2019
VIEWPOINT 2019: Sheri Martin, Sales Manager, YXLON FeinFocus
2018 was an exciting year for YXLON FeinFocus. The launch of our 6 new systems, Cheetah EVO Semi, SMT, and Plus and Cougar EVO Semi, SMT and Plus was extremely successful, winning many awards industry wide. In particular, the Cheetah EVO Plus is high end of the EVO platforms, providing complete failure analysis capability. ...

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