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Oct 8, 2018
Meyer Burger's FABiA® Cell Deposition Equipment wins Solar + Power Award
The FABiA® coating system developed by Meyer Burger was awarded this year's Solar + Power Award in the category Solar PV Process Award during the EU PVSEC in Brussels. ...
Meyer Burger
Oct 4, 2018
MSEC Tech Showcase to Highlight MEMS & Sensors Innovations
MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG) announced five Technology Showcase finalists for the 14th annual MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress (MSEC), October 28-30, 2018 ...
Oct 4, 2018
Greg Caswell Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
DfR Solutions announced that Greg Caswell, Senior Member of the Technical Staff at DfR Solutions, has been awarded the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award by IMAPS. The ...
DfR Solutions
Oct 3, 2018
UL 1203 Certified Epoxy for Explosion-Proof & Dust-Ignition-Proof Electrical Equipment
Master Bond EP41S-6 is a new two component epoxy system that meets UL 1203, which is defined by Underwriters Laboratories as the "Standard for Explosion-Proof ...
Master Bond
Oct 3, 2018
Water-based Cleaning Agent to be Featured at IMAPS 2018
ZESTRON will feature HYDRON® SE 200 at IMAPS 2018. HYDRON® SE 220 is a pH neutral, water-based, single-phase semicon cleaning agent specifically developed for use in immersion ...
Oct 3, 2018
Comet Group to Host Technical Seminar at Lab One
Comet Groups Lab One is pleased to announce a technical seminar to be held on Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018 at 4 p.m. Dr. Meyya Meyyappan from NASA will talk about ...
Comet Groups
Oct 2, 2018
ESI's New Allegro LC Extends High-Volume Test Capability to Larger MLCCs
Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. announced the availability of its new Allegro LC™ test system, designed to address the high-level testing of larger multilayer ...
Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.
Oct 2, 2018
Industry Visionaries to Present at SEMICON Japan 2018 SuperTHEATER
Visionary keynote speakers and industry luminaries will share insights on Smart technologies that are shaping the future at SEMICON Japan 2018, the largest ...
Oct 2, 2018
IC Lithography Materials Market at $6.8B by 2023
TECHCET announced that global IC fabrication demand for photoresists and ancillary lithography materials is growing strongly from an estimated market size of US$5.2 ...
Oct 1, 2018
Xcerra's Diamondx test platform brings flexibility and scalability to display driver test
Xcerra's highly flexible Diamondx test platform can scale up to over 5000 display driver digitizers, supporting aggressive multi-site production strategies. With ...
Xcerra Corporation