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Jan 16, 2013
Jeanne Beacham, President, Delphon Industries
What will 2013 hold? There are so many viewpoints… Most say it will be the same as 2012 with consumer confidence improving, unemployment remaining high in the 7% range, and low interest rates! The semiconductor / high tech industry will continue to grow with numbers in the 5-10%. Some people call those low, but most industries call them a great year and so should we!! What will Delphon being doing? Taking advantage of the ...
Jan 14, 2013
Doug Dixon, Global Marketing Director, Henkel Electronics
There's no doubt that the industry is entering 2013 with a level of uncertainty about global markets. What is certain, at least in Henkel's view, are the drivers of technology and areas of growth. We see the consumer segment continuing to be dominated by handhelds, with smart phones, tablets, ultrabooks and other portable devices adding even more functionality and encouraging wider adoption. In the automotive sector, electronic ...
Jan 10, 2013
Keith Bryant, Global Sales Director, Nordson DAGE
As we come to the end of another tough year, I try thinking back to capture those distant memories of when business was not tough but I fail! So what can we take from 2012 into the next year and beyond? Well despite all the bad press the world of commerce is still turning, people are still buying stuff; others are making the stuff and buying stuff to make the stuff with. Maybe not as much and maybe being more selective, but they are still buying ...
Jan 9, 2013
Doug Goodman, CEO, Ridgetop Group, Inc.
Ridgetop has been asked by its customers to provide innovation in two important areas largely ignored by mainstream instrumentation suppliers: rapid sub-20 nm characterization and verification test tools for complex 2.5D and 3D packages. Both areas require new approaches to handle the problems, and will provide much-needed support for higher performance, higher density, and lower cost IC manufacturing. With sub-20 nm ...
Jan 8, 2013
Don Feuerstein, VP, SemiProbe, Inc
Each year our customers in the Semiconductor Industry are bringing to market more capable products yet having to sell them for less money (Moore's Law). Instead of the traditional capital equipment model of selling legacy design single use tools, the SemiProbe Probe System for Life modular system architecture has allowed us to deliver lower cost, higher value solutions. We see this trend in the market continuing to ...
Jan 7, 2013
Peter Himes, VP Marketing & Strategic Alliances, Silex
Despite slowdowns in the general economy in past years, MEMS has remained a bright spot both for innovation and growth. Silex, as the world's largest pure-play MEMS foundry, is lucky to be at the nexus of this growth. For 2013, we see continued demand for advanced all-silicon packaging, whether for MEMS only, MEMS to ICs, or interposer based solutions for MEMS and ICs both. Silex, with our Sil-Via® and Met-Via® ...
Mar 29, 2012
Karl Bloechl, President, cyberTECHNOLOGIES
In anticipation of an eventual recovery, we invested during the down-turn. Even during the deepest part of the recession the company hired software- and hardware engineers in order to continue our momentum forward on new product developments. Within the last three years, cyberTECHNOLOGIES launched its new product family, the CT-Series, which at this point consists of seven systems ...
Feb 27, 2012
Linda Rae, President, Keithley Instruments, Inc.
For semi T&M suppliers, 2012 will focus on creating tools with the flexibility to handle the growing diversity of the test challenges ahead. Today, semiconductor test has expanded into automotive electronics, new non-volatile memory technologies, TVs/displays, wireless communication devices like smartphones and tablet computers, energy conversion/efficiency devices ...
Feb 24, 2012
Jeanne Beacham, President, Delphon Industries
More connectivity and not just the cloud, facebook and twitter but the kind that we see and feel related to our business everyday. Connectivity is how every event in any country we do business in or buy raw materials from affect our business. We are truly connected to our customers, their customers, our suppliers and the systems that transport our products and materials around the world. The ...
Feb 23, 2012
Herman van Eijkelenburg, Dir, Product Marketing, AMETEK
AMETEK Programmable Power serves diverse industry segments, including the semiconductor industry. While 2011 was a strong year for our company, as with most companies serving this sector, we felt continued sluggishness in the semiconductor production and test equipment marketplace this past year. This was especially apparent in equipment used for high brightness LEDs designed for ...