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Feb 8, 2012
David Pfaff, President, Plastronics Socket Company
By this time every year, 2011 reports and 2012 forecasting reports from all the major semiconductor forecasting companies are available, and paint a bleak picture the next two years. After 1% growth in 2011, most are predicting low single digit growth for 2012. If the semiconductor industry, which is one of the most innovate and capital intensive industries in the world sees ...
Feb 7, 2012
Daniel L. Donabedian, President and CEO, Ziptronix Inc.
Although specific market forecasts differ -- some positive and some negative -- there seems to be overall agreement that 2012 will get off to a relatively slow start for the semiconductor industry. However, ultra thin high-performance laptops are a potential positive variable in the equation. This new breed is far different from its distant cousin the underpowered netbook. Ultrathins utilize 3D technology ...
Feb 6, 2012
Ardy Johnson, Vice President, Rudolph Technologies, Inc.
We are optimistic about the prospects of the industry in 2012. Among other developments, we expect to see substantive progress in the transition to 450 mm wafers. The benefits of larger wafers have been demonstrated over and over again, so the question is not if, but when, and more importantly, who; that is, who will pay the substantial development costs? The cost of moving to 200 mm ...
Feb 1, 2012
Frank P. Averdung, President & CEO, SUSS MicroTec AG
2011 was one of the best years ever for SUSS MicroTec. Thriving electronics markets needed additional production capacity for new semiconductor products. SUSS MicroTec, one of the key equipment suppliers for the semiconductor backend, benefited accordingly. SUSS MicroTec could expand its strong market position. We achieved market leader status in three out of our ...
Jan 31, 2012
Bruce W. Hueners, President and CEO, Palomar Technologies, Inc.
Looking forward to 2012, the strong foundation from Palomar Technologies’ 2011 performance allows us to stay focused on our customers' increased demand for improved functionality and performance in advanced application and process development. Palomar Technologies has remained on the leading edge of packaging trends, ensuring enhanced device performance with increasing miniaturization ...
Jan 26, 2012
Brian Schmaltz, Western Area Sales Manager, NAMICS Technologies Inc.
I would expect to see 2012 continue to provide slow growth, as an industry I would predict 2012 to be a year of change. Continued trend to smaller, lighter, longer life portable electronics such as smart phones and tablets with communication to a network system at faster speeds (Cloud, 4G+). Packaging and manufacturing engineers pushing the boundaries with sub 28nm node, low-k ...
Jan 25, 2012
James Quinn, Vice President Global Sales & Marketing, Multitest
The semiconductor industry is moving into another year of uncertainty and challenge. In times of uncertainty, companies cope by driving innovation to achieve increased functionality, smaller dimensions, higher integration and less power consumption. "Cost of test", "more than Moore' is nothing new, but will stay in the focus for next year. Today, being a total solution supplier is more ...
Jan 24, 2012
Bryan Ekus, Managing Director, IPVEA
In the photovoltaic equipment market, we very are optimistic about 2011.This is in part due to conversations with my industry colleagues that they have orders, as well as the industry’s expansion into new technological territories with improved efficiencies along with innovative ways to lower costs. The industry as a whole is recapturing momentum from a difficult period and our ...
Jan 23, 2012
Neil O'Brien, Director of Sales, Finetech
Despite the overall economic challenges, Finetech had a very successful 2011. Our SMT rework products continue to fill the demands for POP, 01005 and QFN repair. Two years ago, we added Martin GmbH to the Finetech family. The Martin products have become well known in the areas of BGA reballling and economical repair of game board, LED, and mobile devices. In the ...
Jan 4, 2012
Jeff Ferry, Publisher, Semiconductor Packaging News
As we look back on 2010, the semiconductor packaging & micro-electronics industry has rebounded from the global economic turmoil which began in late 2008. We've spoken to hundreds of suppliers and they've shared their upbeat assessment of 2010 as "a year of recovery". Most companies saw a significant increase in business from the lows ...