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Feb 21, 2012
Joseph S. Bubel, President, Hesse & Knipps, Inc.
At Hesse & Knipps, Inc. we experienced significant growth in 2011, with a 50% increase in revenue over FY2010. Our forecast remains strong for this year, with growth expected for heavy wire bonding technology in the power electronics market. We also project continued dominance in the thin wire bonding market with continued growth into the RF and microwave market segment ...
Feb 20, 2012
Avian Ho, ASM Pacific Technology
In semiconductor packaging, the winners are those with the best in terms of cost effectiveness, flexibility and reliability. In recent years, the semiconductor industry is shifting more and more devices from Au into a new era of copper (Cu) wire bonding. In 2012 and beyond, most believe that the proliferation momentum towards Cu will accelerate even more strongly. Lead ...
Feb 17, 2012
Paul Feeney, Process Technology Director, Axus Technology
2011 was an excellent year for Axus Technology and we anticipate that trends in packaging will help lead to an even better 2012. Axus Technology provides equipment (polishers, grinders, and cleaners) and services (processing and maintenance) for planarization. Our main business has historically been in support of semiconductor wafers and substrates, but in the past year our activity in packaging ...
Feb 16, 2012
Rudy Kellner, VP & GM Electronics Business Unit, FEI
3D packaging integration continues to increase in complexity, and as a result, it is driving more samples into FA labs for development support and failure analysis. Focused ion beam (FIB) systems have traditionally been used for this type of site-specific sectioning and analysis in the front end of processing, but conventional FIB cannot remove material fast enough to analyze the relatively ...
Feb 15, 2012
Lori S. Nye, COO/Executive Director, Customer Operations, Brewer Science
Brewer Science sees 2012 as a pivotal year for 3D industrial adoption. Prior to 2012, manufacturing customers were in the old mindset that packaging houses could not incur any more cost into their processes. That mindset has been changing. The ZoneBond(TM) process, with its survivability through 3D processing ...
Feb 14, 2012
David Grant, President, Tamar Technology
Since Tamar is primarily in the 3D IC segment of IC manufacturing, we are seeing strong growth in 2012. More companies are entering this segment and our metrology tools are needed at various points in the process, both FEOL and BEOL. We expect TSV adoption to drive process tool and metrology tool purchases in 2012, but we expect 2012 is only the beginning of the ramp. TSVs have been on the ...
Feb 13, 2012
Ernst Eggelaar, Managing Director, Microtronic GmbH
We closed last year with a pretty good result and already had some orders for this year booked. This year is starting out to be very promising and we continue to book orders above expectations. Although "specialists" continue to talk about a crisis, that is not what we are seeing. We remain optimistic for a strong year. As of right now, we plan to expand our existing work force by 40% ...
Feb 10, 2012
Mitch Schoch, President and CEO, Bentek, Inc.
Bentek enjoyed continued growth in its solar business in 2011. Solar revenues increased more than 100 percent from 2010 levels. We added more than 50 new customers and introduced several new products specifically designed for the large commercial and utility segments of the solar industry. For 2012, we see continued significant growth in our solar business through key partnerships with several ...
Feb 9, 2012
Chuck Feeny, CEO, Engineered Conductive Materials, LLC. (ECM)
2012 will be a challenging year for the solar industry as it relates to electrically conductive adhesives and inks. However, our company remains very optimistic about the newly developed technologies we have been introducing. The major market for our newest materials is the building industry where our materials can be used by roofing manufacturers. While Europe and the United States continue ...
Feb 8, 2012
David Pfaff, President, Plastronics Socket Company
By this time every year, 2011 reports and 2012 forecasting reports from all the major semiconductor forecasting companies are available, and paint a bleak picture the next two years. After 1% growth in 2011, most are predicting low single digit growth for 2012. If the semiconductor industry, which is one of the most innovate and capital intensive industries in the world sees ...