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Feb 4, 2013
James Quinn, VP Sales & Marketing, Multitest
The amount of chips used in end-user products is still rising and the complexity of the chips is constantly increasing which requires new test and handling solutions. Despite the overall uncertainty in the markets -- especially in the automobile industry and its supply chain – the year 2012 was satisfactory -- however on low levels. Given the more optimistic signs we observe in China, the U.S. and Europe we are confident to see ...
Jan 31, 2013
Ricardo I. Fuentes, President/CEO, MATECH
At Materials and Technologies, Corp. (MATECH) we are looking forward to 2013. Hopefully, the uncertainty of an election year and the threat of the fiscal cliff will be behind us and the industry will have a clearer view of the way ahead. We expect that the visibility gained will result in improved capital spending driven by more aggressive medium-term planning. MATECH provides advanced wet processing solutions ...
Jan 30, 2013
Brian D’Amico, President, MIRTEC Corp
MIRTEC continues to not only push, but "redefine" the envelope for technological advancements within the Electronics Inspection Industry. Without doubt, MIRTEC will adhere to its aggressive technology roadmap in 2013 and beyond. We will be introducing new products which will allow us to capitalize on opportunities in other complementary inspection markets. At this point, I would rather not disclose our marketing plans, but suffice it to say ...
Jan 29, 2013
Bruce W. Hueners, CEO & President, Palomar Technologies
Looking forward to 2013, Palomar Technologies will continue to provide unmatched value as a complete product and service solution for micro/optoelectronic packaging coupled with precise knowledge of microelectronics material and assembly processes. With a balanced focus between both "on-shore" (U.S.) manufacturing and exporting, the company competes on the global stage, with more than 70% ...
Jan 28, 2013
Bill Ruff, Vice President -- Marketing, AMETEK Programmable Power
AMETEK Programmable Power has been a key supplier of precision power supplies to semiconductor tool manufacturers for many years. Tool manufacturers value our reliability, precision power conversion and advanced features. Our products are typically used in ion implantation and plasma confinement, as well as, more recently in metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD), where our Sorensen DC source technology ...
Jan 24, 2013
Tom Mealey, Executive, Virtual Industries, Inc.
For several years companies around the United States have been on-shoring jobs that were previously sent overseas. Companies who have off-shored in the past have experienced quality problems, communication issues, intellectual property issues and increasing shipping costs. The White House has promised to provide incentives for businesses to bring jobs back from China, Japan and Mexico to the United States ...
Jan 23, 2013
Dan Dunkly, President, Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.
As electronic devices become more consumer-oriented, production costs and efficiency become higher priority. Because of these changes in technology, Wafer-level packaging (WLP) is a steadily growing industry. WLP has the ability to enable true integration of wafer fab, packaging, test and burn-in at wafer level in order to streamline the manufacturing process undergone by a device from silicon start to customer shipment ...
Jan 22, 2013
Shimon Dahan, CEO, RED Micro Wire (RMW)
2012 has been a good year for RED Micro Wire, and we expect 2013 to be even better. In this past year, RED Micro Wire won a Red Herring award, recognizing us as one of the top 100 most promising and innovative technology companies in the world. During 2012 our engineers prepared our unique, glass coated micro bonding wire, getting it ready for release to customers in 2013. In 2013, RED Micro Wire will begin to ship our RED ...
Jan 21, 2013
Andy C. Mackie, Ph.D., Senior Product Manager, Indium Corporation
After the rosy promises of multiple, low-cost 2.5D and 3D stacked semiconductors in 2012, reality has set in. It now looks like 2013 is the year when larger scale implementation of 2.5D and 3D into the two main driving applications will occur. The most interesting conflicts are: The increasingly vertically-leveraged TSMC, and their widely adopted chip-on-wafer-on-silicon process, versus the myriad other assembly techniques from ...
Jan 17, 2013
Joe Holt, VP Business Development, Integra Technologies
After a pause in 2012, we expect the semiconductor industry to resume at least a moderate growth rate. The primary driver will continue to be the "smart" consumer appliances we are all familiar with -- phones, tablets, e-books. With smart phone penetration only ~40% worldwide and only ~50% in the US, there is still ample room to grow.Packaging and test of the ever-increasing circuit densities these applications demand will keep us ...