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Feb 20, 2013
Dan Donabedian, CEO, Ziptronix, Inc.
One overriding message of the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is that consumers expect smartphones to be fast, powerful, versatile and small -- and have a battery that lasts all day. These features, along with device heat-dissipation requirements, are major drivers in the semiconductor industry. Smartphone users' appetite for data over their devices also means that huge amounts of data must be stored remotely in ...
Feb 19, 2013
Luc Van den hove, President and Chief Executive Officer, imec
From what we see now, what is planned and in the pipeline, the scaling roadmap has at least another decade to go. But of course, the more we enter the nanoscale domain, the more complex scaling becomes. More materials, more process steps, more equipment, more challenging concepts and device architectures. So we see all our partners reporting steeply rising development costs for new technology nodes. So how will we cope as ...
Feb 18, 2013
Peter Bierhuis, President, Nordson ASYMTEK
In 2013 Nordson ASYMTEK will be celebrating its 30th year in the business of delivering superior dispensing solutions. The business success that we have enjoyed over those years is creating a tremendous foundation for continued growth. We continue to listen carefully to what our customers need and we produce high quality products that deliver as promised. Near term we see our customers expecting continued progress in lowering the ...
Feb 14, 2013
Tim Olson, President & CEO, Deca Technologies
A New Age is Upon Us. For decades, computers have driven the semiconductor market. Recently, we've embarked on a new age where we hold in our hands the force that shapes our industry. Cell phones -- especially the smart kind -- have become the dominant end market for all of us involved with semiconductors and associated electronic systems. The implications are significant. Size has become a critical parameter ...
Feb 13, 2013
Jay Shah, Manager - Worldwide Marketing Operations, Keithley Instruments, Inc.
The growing demand for efficient energy production and management means power semiconductors will become even more important in 2013. As the volatility in fossil fuel prices increases, so does the focus on green sources of energy like solar panels and wind turbines. The demand for efficiency management in motor drivers, lighting and power supplies is rising, which in turn drives the use of power semiconductor devices. The use of power semiconductor ...
Feb 12, 2013
Dr. Paul Martin, CRAIC Technologies
During the recent economic downturn, the corporate focus of CRAIC Technologies shifted to cutting edge R&D markets. Our growth in these markets has allowed us to expanded in terms of sales and as a company even during the financial constraints of the recent years. And with insight into the latest research, we are well situated to take aid our customers to take advantage of recent discoveries as they make their way into the latest ...
Feb 11, 2013
Joseph S. Bubel, President, The Americas, Hesse Mechatronics
Effective January 1, 2013, Hesse & Knipps will become Hesse Mechatronics. This change is a move back to the company's roots, named Hesse GmbH when first launched in 1986. The new name signifies more accurately what we do -- which is to develop and manufacture the most advanced thin wire wedge bonders and heavy wire bonders in the world utilizing mechatronics, or a multidisciplinary engineering approach. Our outlook for 2013 in the ...
Feb 7, 2013
Chad Marak, Director of Technical Marketing and TVS Diode Array Products, Littelfuse, Inc.
Despite all the global challenges 2012 presented, the Semiconductor Business Unit had a successful year. Looking forward to 2013, many of the same challenges and uncertainties persist, but our investments in personnel and new product development, along with a refreshed focus on key market segments, offer reasons for optimism. In 2013, we expect continuing innovation in consumer electronics, which will spur the need for ...
Feb 6, 2013
Rudy Kellner, VP & GM, Electronics Business Unit, FEI
Advanced packaging technologies will play an increasingly important role in improving the performance of integrated circuits. This is particularly true of circuits intended for mobile applications where space is limited by the handheld nature of the device, and digital, analog and radio frequency components must be tightly integrated. As new packaging technologies are more widely adopted, the ability to quickly modify ...
Feb 5, 2013
Richard Crisp, Vice President and Chief Technologist, Invensas Corp
The computational memory strategic inflection point continues in 2013. The Ultrabook, with its abandonment of the workhorse single die packaged DRAM, will begin to ramp into significant volumes. It is now clear: solderdown memory is here to stay in the thin client platforms such as the Ultrabook and tablets. New multi-die DRAM packaging technology such as Invensas' DIMM-in-a-PACKAGE™ modules, will gain traction ...