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Jan 29, 2014
Andy Edgin, Microelectronics Business Director, Plexus Corp.
Plexus is constantly evaluating our customer's needs and the trends within the industries and markets we serve. Two significant trends we have seen recently are the miniaturization of products for size and weight reduction and the incorporation of bare die sensor devices. Mobile and fixed use applications are driving the reduction of the size and weight of many products. Many examples of this trend are prevalent within the ...
Jan 28, 2014
Chris Pugh, Sales & Marketing, Promex Industries Inc.
Promex, Silicon Valley's Packaging Foundry, provides microelectronics assembly, advanced packaging technologies and surface mount/ PCB assembly manufacturing services to the medical, high tech commercial and military markets. Promex Industries calendar year 2014 forecast will exceed the 20% plus revenue growth enjoyed during calendar year 2013. The company foresees continued strong growth in the medical device ...
Jan 27, 2014
Kevin Becker, VP Product Development & Engineering, Henkel Electronics LLC
Moores Law, which dictates the doubling of transistors on a chip every 24 months, shows no signs of being disproven anytime soon. At Henkel, we see the advance of Moore's Law on a daily basis with the added challenge of increasing IO counts in higher and higher densities (i.e. more IOs on smaller footprints). The ability to cope with the demands these conditions place on semiconductor packaging specialists is at the center ...
Jan 24, 2014
Jason M. Kulick, President & Co-Founder, Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC
Although much has been achieved by CMOS scaling and progress continues with 3D chip stacking, this approach isn't necessarily the optimal solution to every problem. Heterogeneous integration of disparate materials, thermal management, chip design, and Known-Good-Die issues are some of the obstacles that industry is still working to overcome. Quilt Packaging(R) (QP), offered by Indiana Integrated Circuits (IIC) and RTI ...
Jan 23, 2014
Neil O'Brien, Sales & Applications Director, FINETECH
Finetech will continue to differentiate itself by offering the highest placement accuracy in bonding and advanced packaging equipment. This level of precision is critical for today's ever-changing, complex applications. The process flexibility built around our systems allows customers to use a single platform for various technologies. We have always been more than an equipment supplier; we have the engineering strength to help ...
Jan 22, 2014
Ken Kuang, President, Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC
In 2014, Torrey Hills Technologies will be celebrating its 10th year providing innovative products and services in relate to microelectronics packaging components and equipment. One of our priorities for this year is to further improve HENGLI furnace products and make them high end choices for top customers. In 2013, a state-of-the-art furnace with all stainless steel panels attracted attention from a world-famous space agency ...
Jan 21, 2014
Gary Dailey, Global Marketing Director, Avantor Performance Materials
The relentless migration to the sub-22 nanometer nodes now gathering momentum, along with the increasing use of exotic integration materials in front-end stacks, present a new array of process challenges for chip makers. Front-end-of-line (FEOL) is changing much faster than back-end-of-line (BEOL). As a result, Avantor is developing certain BEOL cleaning chemistries -- products like our Clk residue removers ...
Jan 20, 2014
Robert Nead, President, i3 Electronics, Inc
2013 was a year of fresh starts and new opportunities for i3 Electronics, Inc. On November 1, 2013 we acquired all of the assets of Endicott Interconnect Technologies enabling us to re-enter the marketplace a stronger and more financially sound company. I believe that 2014 has the potential to be a great year for our company and the industry in general. i3 will continue to offer all of the cutting-edge products ...
Jan 17, 2014
Rao R Tummala, Pettit Chair Professor and Director, Georgia Tech
We started packaging because of the need to have to test the chips and to connect with other components on the system board to form electronic systems. So transistor scaling, following Moore's Law, was the basis of packaging and all electronics, making electronics the largest single, $1.5T global industry, serving a variety of individual industries that span computing, communications, consumer, automotive ...
Jan 16, 2014
Frederic Raynal, CTO, Alchimer
In the semiconductor advanced packaging space, we expect to see ramping of 3D TSV technologies happen in 2014, and our business will be closely linked to this ramp. At Alchimer, we work with key players in the 3D TSV market space with our insulator, barrier, seed and fill products. Our technologies are compatible with via-first, via-mid, via-last and interposer technologies, and we anticipate this market sector growing rapidly in ...