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Jan 9, 2015
Barmak Mansoorian, President & Co-Founder, Forza Silicon
In 2015, Forza Silicon will be celebrating its 14th year in the business of delivering innovative custom CMOS image sensor (CIS) and IC design solutions. The business success that we have enjoyed over those years is a reflection of our continued emphasis on innovation and problem solving. Primarily through long-standing customer relationships and partner referrals, Forza has grown to where today the company employs one of ...
Jan 8, 2015
Craig Mitchell, President, Invensas and CTO, Tessera
In the coming year, Invensas will continue to differentiate ourselves through our business model, which focuses on development of novel, high value-add packaging solutions. We then license and transfer these solutions to our customers and their partners for implementation in high-volume manufacturing. Through this licensing model, we provide our licensees access to a broad portfolio of advanced packaging and interconnect ...
Jan 7, 2015
Denny McGuirk, President and CEO, SEMI
Cautious optimism is driving semiconductor capital equipment spending into 2015. Worldwide semiconductor capital expenditure for 2014 is expected to be 11% growth (over 2013) and increase in 2015 another 8%. The solid growth in fab equipment spending for 2014 and 2015 follows spending declines in both 2012 and 2013. Packaging technology is critical in achieving the device performance needed in many applications, and this ...
Jan 6, 2015
David G. Tacelli, President & Chief Executive Officer, Xcerra Corporation
We expect 2015 to be another growth year for Xcerra, following a strong recovery in 2014. Our semiconductor test solutions business is benefiting from our two prong strategy of continuing to develop best-in-class semiconductor testers, handling equipment, contactors and interface boards and also offering customers fully integrated test cell solutions. We see IoT devices and WLCSP test challenges as incremental growth opportunities ...
Jan 5, 2015
Doug Dixon, Global Marketing Director, Henkel Electronics Materials, LLC
Henkel consistently leads the semiconductor packaging market with innovative and enabling technologies. We plan to continue this track record! We were the first to develop and commercialize robust conductive die attach film (CDF) materials and this portfolio has been met with broad market acceptance. In fact, Henkel's LOCTITE ABLESTIK CDF materials are making new device designs possible and are in widespread use with may wireless ...
Feb 6, 2014
Dr. Dev Gupta, CTO, APSTL llc
Driven by the need to transfer data between the processor and fast memory chips in a Smart Phone with minimum delay, then fit these devices within the restricted real estate while keeping costs down, the industry has been packaging Application Processor and DRAM chips for Smart Phones and most Tablets in a stacked Package on Package (PoP) configuration. Confident predictions being made a couple of years ago that the PoP ...
Feb 5, 2014
Andy C. Mackie, Ph.D., MSc., Senior Product Manager, Indium Corporation
2013 was an excellent year for semiconductor assembly materials at Indium Corporation. We experienced numerous interesting changes that will pay dividends in 2014 and beyond. It is now obvious that the promise of 3D die stacking for portable applications is still a long way away, due to the simple economics of throughput: we can't stack and reliably bond them fast enough, yet. The first application for 3D memory will, of course ...
Feb 4, 2014
Raj Persaud, Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Strategy, Applied Materials
Applied Materials' differentiation starts with our unique capabilities in Precision Materials Engineering which span precision film deposition, precision materials removal, materials modification and interface engineering. Our goals is to help our customers solve their device performance and yield challenges better, faster and at lower cost to enable Moore's Law scaling to continue and new device architectures to be introduced ...
Jan 31, 2014
Doug Goodman, CEO, Ridgetop Group, Inc.
As process geometries shrink further, process variations and drift issues compound the problems facing IC designers. For example, how are device lifetimes estimated for a 14nm FinFET? How can fabless semiconductor firms obtain fast NBTI data? How can I be assured that my design is centered against worst-case environmental conditions? Which foundry is better for my IC, foundry A or foundry B? Should I rely on ...
Jan 30, 2014
Rachel Miller-Short, VP of Sales & Marketing, Photo Stencil
Tooling sets for the semiconductor industry require relatively quick turnaround coupled with extremely tight tolerances for spacing. As more R&D assembly and NPI evaluations are finding their way into the market, the demand for quick-turn solutions will be even greater in 2014. To address that and other challenges created by the shrinking spheres used to attach packages, R&D was a major focus for Photo Stencil last year as we ...