September 10, 2010

Henkel Technology on Display at EU PVSEC

Henkel Conductive Adhesive Innovations Advance Solar Module Assembly Capability; Technology on Display at EU PVSEC

From Hall1, Level 3, Stand A14 at the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference (EU PVSEC) in Valencia, Spain, Henkel will display some of the company's most recent innovations in electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) technology. These latest advances address the low stress, faster cure speeds and lower temperature curing requirements for modern thin-film and crystalline silicon (c-Si) module assembly and, when paired with Henkel's global support network and materials expertise, provide an unmatched solution for todayís photovoltaic manufacturing specialists.

Reducing module stress, particularly at the tabbing ribbon connection points, is key to high yield production and module in-field reliability but, to date, materials such as solder and high-temperature cure ECAs havenít been able to effectively deliver on these demands. Henkel, however, has developed two ECAs that solve these issues.

The first, HYSOL ECCOBOND CE3103WLV, is an electrically conductive adhesive designed for assembly of thin-film solar substrates and overcomes challenges with unstable contact resistance posed by older-generation ECAs. Based on research that concluded electrochemical corrosion on copper and tin in elevated temperature and humidity conditions was the primary culprit of contact resistance instability, Henkel developed a new ECA to overcome this challenge. By introducing advanced corrosion inhibition characteristics into HYSOL ECCOBOND CE3103WLV, the material enables stable electrical contact resistance between transparent conductive oxides (TCO) and tin terminations through 1000 hours of 85įC temperature at 85% relative humidity (RH). This advance allows manufacturers to now employ a low temperature process, thus reducing energy consumption and device stress, all while maintaining superior electrical and adhesion performance.

Also part of Henkelís portfolio of solar ECA solutions is its latest breakthrough, HYSOL ECCOBOND CA3556HF. As an alternative to traditional solder connections used for c-Si solar modules which can be problematic for emerging thin, fragile solar cells, HYSOL ECCOBOND CA3556HF has been formulated to deliver low temperature curing at 150įC and an exceptionally fast cure time of five seconds. The award-winning material provides an excellent bond between the Ag and SnPbAg coated tabs and the c-Si cells, delivering a stable and reliable electrical connection over the life of the module. But, itís not just c-Si processes that benefit from HYSOL ECCOBOND CA3556HF; thin-film module manufacturers have also successfully incorporated this material into processes that dictate low-stress, fast curing interconnection of cells and ribbons.

"As solar technology advances, so must the material sets used to facilitate higher efficiency, improved reliability and greater yield," explains Tom Adcock, Marketing Manager for Henkel. "The latest ECAs from Henkel have addressed all of these requirements and then some. With Henkel's vast knowledge base and engineering expertise at their core -- not to mention being backed by a world-class global support network -- HYSOL ECCOBOND CA3556HF and HYSOL ECCOBOND CE3103WLV are raising the bar on ECA performance for thin-film and c-Si module assembly."

With manufacturing centers of excellence around the globe and a worldwide staff of solar materials experts, Henkel is positioned to deliver leading-edge support resource wherever and whenever it is required.

For more information on Henkel's latest ECA advances for solar module manufacturing, please visit the company in Hall1, Level 3, Stand A14 at the European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, taking place September 6th through 10th in Valencia, Spain. Additional product details can also be obtained by visiting

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