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February 7, 2020

VIEWPOINT 2020: Jeanne Beacham, President, Delphon Industries
VIEWPOINT 2020: Jeanne Beacham, President, Delphon Industries
Jeanne Beacham, President, Delphon Industries
Like many recent years in the Semiconductor Industry, 2020 is a difficult one to Forecast. As we all know too well - there are many unknowns in the Market. China clearly will have the biggest impact -- positively and negatively. In 2019 the impact of the China tariff dispute affected many companies.

The growth of electronics manufacturing in China is staggering and their desire to focus on using internal Chinese suppliers can only hurt US manufacturers. One thing is for sure, the US/China economic relations will continue to be questionable for the unforeseeable future.

Delphon is working extensively on improving efficiencies through investments in manufacturing automation in order to assure that we are competitive in the market. Our R&D team has focused on developing new technology for device handling and expanding Delphon's proprietary film product lines into medical markets. We continue to see new opportunities and acknowledge that the key to growth is to differentiate both our company and our technology.

Being in the semiconductor industry since I was a college Coop, I can safely say that 2020 will bring change and that you can always guarantee new developments to take technology to a new level with new applications.

Jeanne Beacham, President
Delphon Industries