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January 8, 2020

VIEWPOINT 2020: Andy Mackie, Senior Product Manager, Indium Corporation
VIEWPOINT 2020: Andy Mackie, Senior Product Manager, Indium Corporation
Andy Mackie, Senior Product Manager, Indium Corporation
Has the China tariff dispute affected your business?
Yes, but China is, and will remain, an electronics powerhouse. We hope for a restabilization of US/China economic relations in the near future and are taking steps to ensure we continue to supply old and new customers alike with competitive materials.

The "out of China" movement for OEMs and CEMs will continue to be driven by increasing costs in the country, including labor and real estate. Meanwhile, small local companies are growing to meet local demand, while larger companies like Huawei continue to expand their global branding. China is already growing as a world leader in artificial intelligence.

How will you differentiate your company and technology?
As a large but private company, Indium Corporation plans strategically rather than quarterly. We continue to develop products that customers need, especially during tremendous changes, both macroeconomic and technological.

Will you introduce new products or expand into new markets?
Count on it! We believe that materials science changes the world. Some of our new or to-be-released product innovations include:
• PicoShot™ NC-5M, the first jetting solder paste developed with Mycronic, to be released in Q1 2020.
• QuickSinter™ sintering pastes for power devices that are capable of fast, reliable dispense and problem-free printing and are already beating out competitive products.
• AuLTRA™-fine AuSn ribbon, designed for laser diode and power die-attach with high heat transfer, and can be manufactured to a thickness of only 15┬Ám.
• High-reliability Durafuse™ LT solder paste that enables costs savings associated with lower temperature assembly while minimizing warpage.

Andy Mackie, Senior Product Manager, Semiconductor and Advanced Assembly Materials
Indium Corporation