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January 25, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Tim Going, President and CEO, StratEdge Corporation
VIEWPOINT 2019: Tim Going, President and CEO, StratEdge Corporation
Tim Going, President and CEO, StratEdge Corporation
StratEdge enters 2019 excited about our new ISO 9001:2015 facility in Santee, California (near San Diego) and our increased capabilities for not only designing and manufacturing high-performance semiconductor packages, but for our expanded assembly services for packaging DC to 63+GHz devices.

Although we've been manufacturing high-frequency packages since 1992, we now have a Class 1000 cleanroom, with a Class 100 work area for performing sensitive operations. Our assembly division is now fully equipped with the most modern equipment that includes fine wire wedge and ribbon bonding and precision eutectic die attach.

StratEdge has developed new packages, including ceramic QFNs, and assembly for extremely demanding gallium arsenide (GaAs) and gallium nitride (GaN) devices. We have perfected our proprietary eutectic die attach technology to get the best possible power output for a GaN device and one that will result in lower junction temperatures and increased device reliability.

We expect increases in space and defense-related business focused on phased array antennas, guidance, communication, EW, and telemetry systems and increased demand for our hermetic packaging required for satellites. Our enhanced assembly capabilities allow us to keep pace with the higher volume and stringent technical requirements of those applications.

Tim Going, President and CEO
StratEdge Corporation