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January 28, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Ricardo Fuentes, President & CEO, MATECH
VIEWPOINT 2019: Ricardo Fuentes, President & CEO, MATECH
R. Fuentes, President & CEO, MATECH
The more things change, the more they stay the same

After 26 years, at MATECH we are still all about solving problems. With all the doom and gloom about the demise of Moore's law and the various ways to sustain growth and innovation in spite of it, the industry remains all about solving problems.

The landscape has changed a bit, but even amidst trade wars and the rise of China as a true powerhouse in the semiconductor industry, the need to improve current offerings, lower costs, and manage the myriad of technical problems that come up every new generation, will always remain a plentiful source of new challenges.

This year MATECH introduced a new line of chemical etching modules that are 2 to 5 times more uniform than their predecessors. Wet etching remains a practical and cost effective way to remove material if the challenges of uniformity and surface finish can be addressed effectively. Our new line of process modules does just that.

In 2018 MATECH redoubled its effort and commitment to its consulting and services division. We now offer the full benefit of our 26 years of experience in wet processing to all our clients. We also expanded our services group to offer etching and wet processing services to the aerospace, optoelectronics, astronomy, solar, MEMS, and semiconductor industries. We already count most top tier houses in these industries as our clients.

With these expanded service offerings and our family of WaveEtch™ single-sided wet processors we look forward to a new year of challenges and problem solving opportunities. If your project involves single-sided, high-uniformity wet etching, or wet etching in general, chances are that we can help. But, as always and above all, we are thankful to our clients who put their trust on us to help them solve their toughest problems in wet processing.

R. Fuentes, President & CEO