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January 11, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Christopher L. Henderson, President, Semitracks
VIEWPOINT 2019: Christopher L. Henderson, President, Semitracks
Christopher L. Henderson, President, Semitracks
2019 will continue to see the proliferation of new package types and packaging processes. This increase in complexity leads to a need for increased knowledge in the areas of materials processing, electrical characterization, thermomechanical stresses, and process optimization and control.

Today's engineers need to know a much wider range of information than in year's past, as many of the choices require analysis of complex interaction between these variables, as well as the impact of cost on these choices.

At Semitracks, we are continuing to build out our Online Training Knowledge base so that you as the engineer have a one-stop shop for the knowledge you need to make good decisions. One of the biggest problems today's engineers face is that, unless you are an expert and have worked in the field for many years, you have limited insight into what to do. While there are basic tutorials on many subjects, and deep highly-specific papers in scientific journals, there is not a good source that provides a medium level of depth and breadth.

More importantly, many of these highly-specific papers assume you understand the discipline at a basic/intermediate level and therefore know the context surrounding the paper. However, many engineers do not have that knowledge level and context on the topic, and therefore struggle with decisions. Our system is designed to help engineers in this situation.

As our processes and designs become more complex in the years to come, good sources of contextual knowledge will be increasingly important, and Semitracks is focused on meeting this challenge. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions about training, decision support and other knowledge-based topics in the semiconductor/electronics industry.

Christopher L. Henderson, President