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February 16, 2018

VIEWPOINT 2018: Jeanne Beacham, CEO, Delphon
VIEWPOINT 2018: Jeanne Beacham, CEO, Delphon
Jeanne Beacham, CEO, Delphon
2017 came to a close with record breaking growth across many sectors and as we reflect back there has been so many changes across our industry and at Delphon. 2017 may have been the year of investment!

Like many companies we enjoyed the growth with double digits and excited by the future we invested in new equipment, hiring in critical areas and focusing on manufacturing efficiency and product development.

Clearly 2018 is a difficult year to predict as evidenced by a wide range of forecasts. But honestly 2017 growth was also unpredicted and was across many markets, technologies and geography.

The experts say we are an Inflection point as applications for semiconductors multiply every day. The plans for 5G, IOT, autonomous cars, AI, FHE, Virtual Reality and smart manufacturing seems endless.

Delphon's unique material solutions are used in so many of these new and exciting applications which we saw with over 150 new customers last year! As with many of the suppliers in the industry, we are driven by the unit growth and it is clear the consumers and businesses will be using more and more units every year!

The future will definitely see business models change and to continue to grow at the high rates, but we will need to be hyperaware of our customers' trends to detect changes and to make informed decisions and to most importantly to execute quickly.

Jeanne Beacham, CEO