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February 2, 2018

VIEWPOINT 2018: Tim Going, President, StratEdge
VIEWPOINT 2018: Tim Going, President, StratEdge
Tim Going, President, StratEdge
Packaging high-frequency semiconductor devices has always been an afterthought, but 5G and its high-power infrastructure and IoT and advanced cellular technologies requiring RF and microwave frequencies will make package selection critical.

Packages not only are necessary for heat dissipation, but also ensure that the electrical connection is accurate and the device functions as intended, without electrical losses.

StratEdge's new high-power laminate copper-moly-copper base packages include gallium nitride (GaN) transistor and MMIC device packages that accommodate large MMICs and operate at frequencies from DC to 63 GHz for applications in communications, radar, automotive, aerospace, and defense.

Our off-the-shelf molded ceramic packages can now be configured to meet the requirements for chips with frequencies up to 18 GHz, including GaN devices, and we offer over 200 standard outline packages.

We're also expanding our package assembly and test services to provide device manufacturers and their customers a fully-tested and functioning turn-key package. Another exciting development is that our package will once again be used in the MARS Rover to transmit signals from space.

Our package still resides in the original MARS Rover. Designed for 3 years of operation, it launched on July 7, 2003 and is still operational, sending signals back to earth.

Tim Going, President