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February 6, 2018

VIEWPOINT 2018: Anthony Le, Senior Marketing Director, Macronix
VIEWPOINT 2018: Anthony Le, Senior Marketing Director, Macronix
Anthony Le, Senior Marketing Director, Macronix
SPN: How will you differentiate your company and technology in 2018?

Quality, a broad product roadmap and owning our own fab will continue to differentiate Macronix in the industry. Our ability to continually refine product quality and focus on serving the needs of international premium brands have enabled us to enter new sectors encompassing automotive electronics, telecommunication equipment, enterprise-level network systems, factory automation and smart healthcare. Owning our own fab also ensures maximum control and flexibility, which in turn, allows us to meet the unique requirements of our customers.

SPN: Will you introduce new products or expand into new markets?

Macronix: Yes, Macronix is focused on developing new products for the automotive, industrial, networking and healthcare sectors. These markets require optimal performance and reliability, which our solutions deliver. Our technology will enable our customers to provide over-the-air or read-while-write updates to enhance end product features and capabilities. Additionally, Macronix seeks to expand its product portfolio with even more low-power devices, as well as developing eMMC memory.

SPN: What are your expectations for the semiconductor industry?

Macronix: As was the case in 2017, we expect 2018 demand--driven by the automotive industry and requiring a significant amount of NAND--to remain strong. We are seeing that cloud computing and data centers are driving flash memory design, and will continue to do so, thanks to the introduction of consumer products such as Alexa or Echo.

Anthony Le, Senior Marketing Director, Executive Visionary and Business Development