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January 23, 2018

VIEWPOINT 2018: Rob Kavanagh, Global Business Director, Dow Electronic Materials
VIEWPOINT 2018: Rob Kavanagh, Global Business Director, Dow Electronic Materials
Rob Kavanagh, Global Business Director, Dow Electronic Materials
Fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP) was the big advanced packaging story coming into 2017, and we expect to see that trend continue well into 2018 and beyond driven largely by the smartphone market. While we don't anticipate any drastic paradigm shifts in the latest generation of smartphones, the adoption of FOWLP by Apple for its A10 processor and beyond has demonstrated the feasibility of FOWLP in high-volume manufacturing.

This is driving interest for others to adopt this exciting technology for their own package designs, and perhaps this will lead to more fan-out coming to market in the coming year.

As an advanced packaging materials supplier, this challenges us to meet different design rules and materials specifications for redistribution layer dielectric materials, for example. It will be interesting to see how this trend spills over into the mainstream smartphone market, as well as other applications that would benefit from FOWLP.

We're also watching the memory market closely as it continues its upward trajectory. Due to strong demand, major memory manufacturers are commanding top prices. In addition, we are seeing increased interest in advanced technologies like Cu pillar and flip chip, vs. traditional wire-bond, for memory packaging. We're excited about this because it confirms that advanced packaging is becoming the platform of choice for more device markets.

As we enter 2018, we are looking forward to the expansion of the fan-out trends and accelerated growth for advanced packaging in the memory market. Both will inspire our continued innovation and offer opportunity for the industry at large.

Rob Kavanagh, Global Business Director
Dow Electronic Materials