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January 27, 2017

VIEWPOINT 2017: Neil O'Brien, General Manager, Finetech
VIEWPOINT 2017: Neil O'Brien, General Manager, Finetech
Neil O'Brien, General Manager, Finetech
Finetech enters 2017 following a very productive year, where we introduced two new systems to the market. Our sub-micron Sigma semi-automatic bonder and the Femto2 fully automated sub-micron bonder were well received. Both contain our new patented optics and touch screen pattern recognition interface.

In the coming year, we still expect a strong demand for flexibility in process, device size, and substrate size. However, they are all combined with demands for higher accuracy. Finetech enters 2017 well positioned to satisfy those needs at the R&D, prototype and production level - our portfolio provides a suitable equipment pathway.

Finetech recently introduced a vacuum bonding chamber to address the needs of void reduction in demanding applications such as power electronics. This unique approach allows device attachment in vacuum, directly on the bonder while holding the assembly. No transfer to a vacuum oven is necessary.

I believe the outlook for the microelectronics marketplace is very encouraging in 2017. Supercomputing technologies (QBits) will revolutionize computing and we are involved in the ground-breaking R&D of this process. The growth of wearable electronics, near field and optical communication, LiDAR (especially for autonomous vehicles), bio-medical, and others will continue to grow Finetech and our offerings.

I continue to be amazed at the new innovations we see in microelectronics. At this time next year, I will be talking about new technologies that we launched during 2017. Introduction coming soon!

Neil O'Brien, General Manager