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January 24, 2017

VIEWPOINT 2017: Daniel Twitchen, Head of CVD Business Development, Element Six
VIEWPOINT 2017: Daniel Twitchen, Head of CVD Business Development, Element Six
Daniel Twitchen, Head of CVD Business Development, Element Six Technologies
Diamond -- Keeping Electronics Cool in 2017 and Beyond

Demand for smaller, faster and more powerful electronics continues to drive growth and innovation in the semiconductor industry. Simultaneously, requirements such as increased bandwidth and speed in radio frequency and optical communications, combined with miniaturization, require new solutions to handle thermal management issues in electronic devices.

Considering that more than 50 percent of all electronic failures are caused by heat-related issues, it is no surprise that this is a top concern for manufacturers.

Recent advances in the synthesis of synthetic diamond have enabled the material to be commercially available in different grades with thermal conductivities ranging from 1000 W/m-K to 2000 W/m-K.

Diamond heat spreaders have thermal conductivities up to five times greater than copper and offer significant reductions (more than 20 percent) in device temperature, which in turn enables greater and more reliable device performance.

These thermal challenges will continue to perplex device manufacturers, and, Element Six believes diamond thermal solutions will be a critical part of solving these challenges in advanced electronics, offering significant system based cost reduction and performance benefits.

In 2017 and beyond, Element Six will continue to work with partners including DARPA, University of Bristol and Georgia Institute of Technology, to further enhance our diamond thermal management products.

We plan to introduce to the market an advanced solution based on our collaboration with partners on attachment methods and diamond fundamentals.

Element Six also looks forward to leading the market with its synthetic diamond and related technologies, and offering the most advanced solutions to tomorrow's electronic device heat limitations.

Daniel Twitchen, , Head of CVD Business Development
Element Six Technologies