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February 3, 2016

VIEWPOINT 2016: Joseph Fjelstad, President and Founder, Verdant Electronics
VIEWPOINT 2016: Joseph Fjelstad, President and Founder, Verdant Electronics
Joseph Fjelstad, President and Founder, Verdant Electronics
Verdant Electronics will continue to advocate for the manufacture of electronic assemblies without the use of solder. It has licensed firms in Asia and the US to its patent portfolio and is in discussions with others.

The company continues to believe the methods described in the patents will ultimately prove the most economical and reliable way to make many, if not most, types of electronics assemblies in the future. To that end, the LEAP Innovation Seminar given by Verdant at NASA's JPL campus in November was driven by the fact that solder failure is one of the biggest concerns relative to space mission success.

The fundamental concepts seem to be ideally suited to meeting the needs of developing nations because of their limited resources and lack of investment in the types of present technologies that Verdant and its supporters believe have limited time horizons.

We have had numerous unsolicited applications for positions from young post doctoral students from Asia and South Asia. These individuals have read Verdant publications are seeking to engage in the development of these futurist ideas. We look forward to having sufficient financial traction to bring them on to develop and more thoroughly test the concepts.

In general, the vast majority of electronics industry will continue to follow the path of the status quo in the coming year and beyond. As always, there will be incremental innovations employed to extend slightly the range and capabilities of present approaches but there will be a sunset.

The limits of current solder based interconnection technology will be met in the not too distant future. Still the flywheel effect will see present methods continue to be used at the edge of their limits. However, a clean break from the past is inevitably required to advance into the future.

Joseph Fjelstad, President and Founder
Verdant Electronics