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February 1, 2016

VIEWPOINT 2016: Rozalia Beica, Chief Technology Officer, Yole Développement
VIEWPOINT 2016: Rozalia Beica, Chief Technology Officer, Yole Développement
Rozalia Beica, Chief Technology Officer, Semiconductor Manufacturing & Advanced Packaging Business Unit Director, Yole Développement
As we ring in 2016, there are several advanced packaging trends worth tracking. Yole Développement (Yole) outlook is for solid growth for many platforms within this market: according to Yole's analysts, this market will reach US$30 billion by 2020. (Source: Status of the Advanced Packaging Industry 2015 report, Yole Développement, November 2015)

Fan-out wafer-level packaging is currently one of the hottest packaging platforms, with several players within this realm offering their own "flavors." Along with traditional assembly and packaging houses already in production with fan-out, foundries are now seeing the value in fan-out platforms and weighing their options. Fan-out technology will not only bring value to several players, it could also significantly impact the substrate and flip chip markets and become a disruptive technology within the entire advanced packaging market.

The system-in-package (SiP) platform is also experiencing strong growth, thanks to wearables and IoT.

TSVs--a hot topic for the past decade--are finally entering commercialization in higher volumes, with more customers and end-users, and more growth expected ahead.

Flip chip, mainly due to copper pillar technology, is also poised for growth, with some larger players already completely transitioned from solder bumping to copper pillars.

Perhaps one of the most interesting areas to watch in 2016 will be whether or not rumors of TSMC winning back Apple's application processing--the coming A10 chip--business, using their proprietary technology inFO, are true. TSMC has made large capital equipment investments pursuing this contract, which could mean a 55% increase in fan-out revenue. A win would position TSMC as the market leader for fan-out, but questions remain about whom TSMC will choose as multi-sourcing partners. Amkor, ASE, or other OSATs?

With such a dynamic market and several fan-out technologies coming to the market, it will also be very interesting to see which ones will be successfully adopted and see further growth.

And then, of course, there's explosive growth occurring within the advanced packaging market in China. WLCSP, already a mature technology, is garnering great interest, but China's key packaging players are also exploring fan-out and 3DIC technologies and ways to develop them and a full supply chain within China. Yole is closely tracking all of these developments, as well as collaborating with some of China's leading research institutes and organizations, so our analysts will provide you with in-depth coverage of this and the entire market's growth.

Looking back on Yole Développement's activities in Advanced Packaging in 2015, it was another great year--with 40% revenue growth. We have increased our team and are tracking further growth in 2016. We'll continue to study all of these platforms and more, and plan to offer new services to our customers and the industry. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, collaborators, and partners for being very supportive. We look forward to collaborating with even more of you in 2016. All the best...

Rozalia Beica, Chief Technology Officer, Semiconductor Manufacturing & Advanced Packaging Business Unit Director
Yole Développement