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January 22, 2016

VIEWPOINT2016: Bill Moffat, CEO, Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.
VIEWPOINT2016: Bill Moffat, CEO, Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.
Bill Moffat, CEO, Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.
The semiconductor industry's exponential rise in Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) has created numerous opportunities for semiconductor equipment manufacturing companies including Yield Engineering Systems, Inc. (YES). YES is quickly increasing in revenue and employee size due to the need to produce automatic equipment for companies producing wafers with FOWLP devices.

The use of Vacuum/Hot Nitrogen purges to quickly remove solvents from the polymer and oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere is a standard process developed by YES for use with Polyimide/ BCB / and PBO polymers. YES has differentiated ourselves from other companies because our superior vacuum process leads to a perfect polymer process.

YES is also seeing an increase in sales of our YES-ÉcoCoat and YES-VertaCoat systems for DNA Array Adhesion because of it's expansion into the wafer market for nanoimprinting technology, surface tension modification (for stiction control) and low-K dielectric (for plasma damage control). YES has also seen an advanced interest in our Single Wafer Plasma Resist Stripper for MEMS 200 mm wafers.

2016 will be an exciting time for Yield Engineering Systems, Inc., and the entire semiconductor industry. I am looking forward to what it has to offer.

Bill Moffat, CEO
Yield Engineering Systems, Inc.