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January 13, 2016

VIEWPOINT 2016: Dr. Kimberly Pollard, Technology Manager, Dynaloy LLC
VIEWPOINT 2016: Dr. Kimberly Pollard, Technology Manager, Dynaloy LLC
Dr. Kimberly Pollard, Technology Manager, Dynaloy LLC, a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company
Dynaloy is an innovative supplier of photoresist and post etch residue removers. Our focus is on applications requiring surface preparation and organic film or residue removal. By expanding our technology tool box and using custom formulation opportunities over the past 15 years, we've established ourselves as a reliable provider of timely and cost effective solutions.

To meet consumer needs going forward, all suppliers throughout the supply chain will need the ability to quickly customize processes, build flexible platforms and combine them in unique ways that can be at least partially pre-verified. These opportunities are driven by the growing IoT segment and Dynaloy has worked collaboratively with customers and partners to understand the needs. Our goal is to meet current and future cleaning challenges with robust, cost effective and integratable products.

As the more civic minded millennials become a greater proportion of the workforce, increased attention and value is placed on products that improve environmental, health and safety aspects of traditional products. We are fully committed to making these improvements and are developing multiple EHS advantaged solutions. We will offer our customers sustainably advantaged products with greener, safer, or less hazardous cleaning characteristics over traditional industry products.

Dr. Kimberly Pollard, Technology Manager
Dynaloy LLC