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January 12, 2016

VIEWPOINT 2016: Peter Dijkstra, Director Sales & Marketing, ASM Laser Separation
VIEWPOINT 2016: Peter Dijkstra, Director Sales & Marketing, ASM Laser Separation
Peter Dijkstra, Director Sales & Marketing, ASM Laser Separation
ASM Pacific Technology Limited (ASMPT) is a world leader in the supply of semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment and materials, as well as surface mount technology applications. Our broad portfolio of wafer level and panel level technological capabilities enables our customers to meet the industry's demand for smaller, faster and powerful devices.

Wafer level packaging ("WLP") is one of the latest packaging trends in microelectronics, driven by demand for devices to have thinner, smaller form-factor and high performance with excellent electrical and thermal properties. According to market research and strategy, a CAGR of 30% for the next five years is expected, driven by mobile applications and the need of very thin packages for high I/O devices.

Moreover, customers insist to have more reliable products that are protected against moisture and mechanical impact from the outside, the 5- or 6 side mold compound protection is expected to grow very rapidly.

The LASER1205 multi-beam dicing system has the ability to dice mold compound structures (WLCSP and FOWLP). In addition to small Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) (typically less than 2µm) and narrow dicing width of 16µm for a 400µm thick mold compound structure. It has high position accuracy and a reproducibility of less than 1.5µm. The LASER1205 also has features like ultra-short index time, kerf check 'on the fly', dual cassette stations, and dual coat and clean stations which ensure high UPH that is typically faster than competitors by 50%.

In order to remain the Technology leader that brings innovative solutions we will continue to invest in new employees.

Peter Dijkstra, Director Sales & Marketing
ASM Laser Separation International B.V.