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January 6, 2016

VIEWPOINT 2016: Brian Schmaltz, Regional Manager, NAMICS
VIEWPOINT 2016: Brian Schmaltz, Regional Manager, NAMICS
Brian Schmaltz, Regional Manager, NAMICS
The electronics industry is expanding and its opportunities are far larger than most realize. Yottabytes and beyond; 2016 will continue to see the expansion of the market place due to new markets being developed within the Internet of Things (IOT). Think of all possibilities and applications for a fluid connection of continuously streaming data coupled with the ability to acquire and analyze said data from any location on earth (or beyond).

Automotive, Household, Medical, and Data Center (Cloud) markets will continue to grow with the emphasis being on security and safety of data acquisition, storage, and use. A continued trend to smaller, lighter, longer life portable electronics with faster communication to encrypted data centers which will continuously accumulate infinite amounts of information.

NAMICS Corporation will continue expansion within the semiconductor material market by continuing to offer cutting edge technology coupled with exceptional support. We recently have completed construction and qualification at our latest production factory located in Tongluo / Miaoli County within Taiwan and our continuing our investment by revamping NAMICS Headquarters located in Niigata, Japan.

NAMICS will continue to offer cutting edge semiconductor materials to support maximum reliability & performance while maintaining excellent manufacturability for high volume processing.

NAMICS; Nature - Art - Mutual Prosperity - Innovation - Creativity - Sensitivity.

Brian Schmaltz, Regional Manager