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February 2, 2015

Karen Lynch, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, SV TCL
Karen Lynch, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, SV TCL
Karen Lynch, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, SV TCL
At SV TCL we believe that our broad range of products and services, along with our expansive global infrastructure, will allow us to stand out among the crowd. Our probe card line is extensive and includes cantilever, vertical, fine pitch vertical and spring-pin for IC test applications such as high volume System on Chip (SOC), Microprocessors, Wafer Level Chip Scale Packages (WLCSP), 3D packages, Copper Pillar, Through Silicon Via (TSV) and Wireless.

After the SV Probe acquisition of Tokyo Cathode Laboratory (TCL) in 2013, SV added new probe card capabilities, specifically CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). These added capabilities and new manufacturing facilities have expanded our global network and product offering which is unmatched by most of our competitors.

Another facet of our business that sets SV TCL apart is our Total Test Solution, full turnkey design and assembly services for probe cards, final test and direct dock. We have the engineering resources, project management experience and simulation capabilities to handle all aspects of the process design, fabrication and component assembly. This Total Test Solutions approach allows us to support customers with faster ramps to production and aid them in the support of their test subcontractors.

SV TCL's main focus going forward into 2015 will be on broadening and enhancing our advanced probe card technologies for Cu-pillar, 3D TSV and WLCSP applications. We also plan to build upon our Direct Dock test platform capabilities, increase our product robustness, and improve our processes in order to meet the diverse testing requirements of the many emerging device and packaging technologies. Our main goal is to reduce the cost of probe card ownership without compromising quality and efficiency.

We expect the industry to shift more and more towards the 3D IC and Cu-pillars with mobile devices being the primary market drivers. ICs have become increasingly more complex higher densities, higher parallelism and of course, the demand for higher performance and smaller form factors.

With 3D ICs becoming more prevalent in the marketplace, SV TCL must have the foresight to ensure that we have the right product at the right time. We also anticipate that WLCSP will also continue to trend upwards with wireless and Wi-Fi applications driving this particular market. Whatever the future holds, SV TCL will be closely aligned with the continuous evolution of the semiconductor industry.

Karen Lynch, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing