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January 23, 2015

Gilles Poupon, Scientific Advisor, Advanced Packaging, CEA-Leti
Gilles Poupon, Scientific Advisor, Advanced Packaging, CEA-Leti
Gilles Poupon, Scientific Advisor, Advanced Packaging, CEA-Leti
For many years, Leti's differentiation has stemmed in part from the combination of research expertise and infrastructure designed to meet Leti's strategic goals and its partners' needs. Today, our capabilities enable us to develop new processes in 3D integration (3DIC, 3DTSV), silicon interposers (2.5D), and wafer level packaging for MEMS.

We expect to see 3D applications head in two main directions in 2015. One is the heterogeneous integration of system-on-chip (SoC) ICs made with different technologies to realize a complete function. The second major development will be silicon interposers for passive, RF and photonics devices.

Our unique packaging platform positions us to manage the entire value chain from design to final test. We have two back-end lines (200mm and 300mm) compatible with 3D integration and wafer level packaging microsystems. This broad domain of expertise allows us to use (and take advantage of) processes and compatible equipment throughout the entire chain of production of electronic components, or MEMS, and associated packaging.

With the evolution of packaging towards 3D, we are now able to push the limits of integration even further, reduce the length of interconnects and limit electrical losses. In addition to meeting specific criteria of this general trend, Leti fuels this evolution by increasing functionality and communication efficiency, providing faster and high-definition interconnect networks (photonics, fiber coupling) and improving power management and thermal dissipation. Our teams also are focused on providing more autonomy and energy efficiency, size reduction and controlling manufacturing costs.

Leti's offer in 3D packaging and other areas has developed strategically over the years in response to projected market opportunities and the requirements of our international partners for continuous innovation. These factors will continue to influence the direction of our technology roadmap in the years ahead.
Gilles Poupon, Scientific Advisor, Advanced Packaging