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January 19, 2015

Luc Van den hove, President and CEO, imec
Luc Van den hove, President and CEO, imec
Luc Van den hove, President and CEO, imec
It is widely anticipated that 2015 will be an important year for the Internet-of-Things, Internet-of-Energy, and Internet-of-Health. We expect that to have positive effects across the entire semiconductor industry. The IoT era will require billions of sensor systems, along with advanced servers to store and process all of the data generated.

imec has a deep and storied background in helping to enable such new technologies and roadmaps, and expects to be at the forefront of the IoT revolution as a technology catalyst, and a place where new solutions are cultivated and developed until they are ready for production.

Imec is comprised of incredibly bright, talented and passionate researchers, scientists and engineers, and I fully expect that in 2015 we'll continue to develop new solutions and new inventions. To do so, we plan on going above and beyond a core practice we pride ourselves in: collaborative research.

To do that, imec will organize closer and deeper relationships with the suppliers of the IC industry as we continue to expand the imec supplier hub. We've already signed several major agreements with leading equipment suppliers. And we will also broaden our partnerships with material suppliers, as much of the innovation we’ll need in chip technology in the coming years will be based on the use of new materials.
Luc Van den hove, , President and CEO