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January 27, 2014

Kevin Becker, VP Product Development & Engineering, Henkel Electronics LLC

Kevin Becker, VP Product Development & Engineering, Henkel Electronics LLC
Kevin Becker, Vice President of Product Development & Engineering, Henkel Electronic Materials LLC
Moores Law, which dictates the doubling of transistors on a chip every 24 months, shows no signs of being disproven anytime soon. At Henkel, we see the advance of Moore's Law on a daily basis with the added challenge of increasing IO counts in higher and higher densities (i.e. more IOs on smaller footprints). The ability to cope with the demands these conditions place on semiconductor packaging specialists is at the center of our development efforts and what clearly differentiates Henkel competitively.

Henkel was the first to launch a conductive die attach film (cDAF) to enable greater packaging densities for leadframe packages and this work has continued with several new materials added to the cDAF portfolio in the last year. Package interface will start to move from traditional ball attachment to formats such as copper pillar that are more conducive to higher densities.

With this shift comes a change in underfill systems, as traditional capillary materials aren’t always effective. To address this, Henkel has continued our work with novel non-conductive paste (NCP) materials and we will launch new NCP systems with even greater performance in 2014. These materials, in addition to die attach pastes, novel clear conductive inks for displays and mold compounds for power packages will be market ready next year.

Handhelds continue to be the primary semiconductor market driver and Henkel doesn't anticipate anything changing in this regard over the next 12 – 18 months. Semiconductor market projections for 2014 are mostly positive and Henkel expects to be a major contributor to semiconductor advances.

Kevin Becker, Vice President of Product Development & Engineering
Henkel Electronic Materials LLC