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January 24, 2014

Jason M. Kulick, President & Co-Founder, Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC

Jason M. Kulick, President & Co-Founder, Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC
Jason M. Kulick, President & Co-Founder, Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC
Although much has been achieved by CMOS scaling and progress continues with 3D chip stacking, this approach isnít necessarily the optimal solution to every problem. Heterogeneous integration of disparate materials, thermal management, chip design, and Known-Good-Die issues are some of the obstacles that industry is still working to overcome.

Quilt Packagingģ (QP), offered by Indiana Integrated Circuits (IIC) and RTI International, offers a new choice for dense, low-power, and cost-effective systems-in-package. With customizable interconnect geometries, submicron alignment, ultra-wide bandwidth/ultra-low loss (< 0.1 dB insertion loss 50 MHz through 100 GHz), Quilt Packaging is a platform technology which is rapidly maturing in the aerospace/defense market.

IIC has licensed QP technology for large format arrays, enabling customers to partition large, poorly-yielding integrated circuits into smaller, higher-yielding chips which are then tiled into arbitrarily large arrays. This is made possible by QPís ability to deliver chip-to-chip gap (<10 um) while maintaining sub-micron alignment. Revolutionary system improvements are also underway for microwave/RF, power, and optical applications. 2013 saw a major increase in activity and industry interest in the technology, with application to a variety of high performance defense systems. As the technology matures, we anticipate a crossover to commercial applications, particularly in power.

IIC believes the adoption of Quilt Packaging will continue to increase with the number of successfully deployed Quilt-Packaged systems on the rise in 2014. Demonstrations are currently underway in a variety of material systems, including GaAs, GaSb, InP, SiC and GaN. We look forward to working closely with our customers to provide game-changing system performance increases while decreasing costs and SWAP through Quilt Packaging this year.

Jason M. Kulick, President & Co-Founder
Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC