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January 23, 2014

Neil O'Brien, Sales & Applications Director, FINETECH

Neil O'Brien, Sales & Applications Director,  FINETECH
Neil O'Brien, Sales & Applications Director, FINETECH
Finetech will continue to differentiate itself by offering the highest placement accuracy in bonding and advanced packaging equipment. This level of precision is critical for today’s ever-changing, complex applications. The process flexibility built around our systems allows customers to use a single platform for various technologies.

We have always been more than an equipment supplier; we have the engineering strength to help our users with their most difficult processes and to customize machine solutions.  When you consider the rapid changes in technology and processes, the depth of process experience we offer is more important than ever in 2014.

In early 2014, we are breaking ground on a new 60,000 sq. ft. factory headquarters in Berlin, Germany.  Finetech’s new facility will allow for our planned growth in engineering, applications, and support staff.  New clean room space will house final assembly and test areas.  Particularly important to our customers will be the expanded clean room space for our applications lab and our special sub-micron system assembly area.

I see steady growth in 2014 for the semiconductor packaging market, particularly for MEMS, Sensors, Optoelectronics, and Silicon Photonics.  The innovations in microelectronics are penetrating so many areas of our everyday lives... from sensors in our clothing and the vehicles we drive, to implantable medical devices. These leading edge microelectronics will help fuel the growth.  Finetech will help assemble this technology, whether in form of 3D, chip to wafer, or packages soldered to a printed circuit board.

Neil O'Brien, Sales & Applications Director