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January 21, 2014

Gary Dailey, Global Marketing Director, Avantor Performance Materials

Gary Dailey, Global Marketing Director, Avantor Performance Materials
Gary Dailey, Global Marketing Director, Electronic Materials, Avantor Performance Materials
The relentless migration to the sub-22 nanometer nodes now gathering momentum, along with the increasing use of exotic integration materials in front-end stacks, present a new array of process challenges for chip makers.

Front-end-of-line (FEOL) is changing much faster than back-end-of-line (BEOL). As a result, Avantor is developing certain BEOL cleaning chemistries – products like our Clk residue removers – to create potential value and application in FEOL process steps as well, because the material we are interacting with in clean and etch processes has migrated from back end to front end.

While higher levels of trace impurities in parts per billion (ppb) are acceptable in BEOL processes, these impurity levels for FEOL processes need to be at 5 ppb or lower. As a result, quality, process and supply chain control are key factors to achieve these lower levels of trace impurities and meet the new high-purity demands of chip makers.

As we work with our end-user device fabricators and process equipment OEMs we know that certain raw materials, despite having extremely low levels of impurities, may interact with and generate particles in the sub-15 nm node for which we are developing next-generation residue removal chemistries.

These impurities are mainly a result of natural byproducts inherent from raw material processing. That’s why at Avantor, we are using our chemistry knowledge and expertise to limit variability in the supply chain when developing new residue removal chemistries suitable for FEOL processes.

As we address these needs, Avantor is strengthening its ability to conduct robust analytical testing in collaboration with our customers, such as the programs we offer at our Taiwan Technology Center. This is a key resource with state-of-the-art metrology tools and expert chemical and materials scientists and engineers.

Our science-based approach allows us to rapidly evaluate and modify chemistries, quickly determine the results of those modifications on process yield and particle presence, and respond adeptly to customer needs and industry developments.

Ultimately, the value of a deep understanding of chemical processes, interactions, and material properties across the industry will elevate and impact the successful migration to the next nodes – and Avantor is ready to help.

Gary Dailey, Global Marketing Director, Electronic Materials
Avantor Performance Materials