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January 16, 2014

Frederic Raynal, CTO, Alchimer

Frederic Raynal, CTO, Alchimer
Frederic Raynal, CTO, Alchimer
In the semiconductor advanced packaging space, we expect to see ramping of 3D TSV technologies happen in 2014, and our business will be closely linked to this ramp. At Alchimer, we work with key players in the 3D TSV market space with our insulator, barrier, seed and fill products. Our technologies are compatible with via-first, via-mid, via-last and interposer technologies, and we anticipate this market sector growing rapidly in the coming year.

3D TSVs face cost and technological challenges before they can become truly mainstream technologies. For example, there is a need to achieve very-high-aspect ratios for the insulation, barrier, seed and fill steps for TSV metalization.

Current approaches deposit nonconformal layers inside the vias, limiting process control. What sets Alchimer's electrografting processes apart from other metalization processes--such as electroless and electroplating—is that our chemical baths contain complex, nonacidic chemistries that create a chemical link between the surface and the coating that results in a covalent bond to create highly controlled, conformal metalization layers.

Our plans for 2014 center on working with our equipment and manufacturing partners to further penetrate the 3D TSV market with our products, as well as hiring to increase our technical support capabilities at user sites, in line with increased technology adoption. We will also continue to explore new markets that will benefit from our wet chemical processes, such as solar and flex markets.

Frederic Raynal, CTO