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January 10, 2014

Chris Henderson, President, Semitracks

Chris Henderson, President, Semitracks
Chris Henderson, President, Semitracks
The semiconductor assembly and test market continues to grow in complexity. The introduction of numerous new packaging materials and the explosion of packaging formats have created a number of issues in packaging, including the need for better matched materials, methods for dealing with structures like copper pillars, TSVs, and stacked packages, new characterization techniques, and extensive reliability modeling.

The increasing complexity in packaging continues to impact test. More and more diagnostic and evaluation work must be performed with structural testers, making it difficult to catch subtle defects. Most importantly, the continued changes require staying up-to-date with the latest developments. This means additional training.

Semitracks provides short courses on the most pressing issues ranging from RF/Mixed-Signal testing to MEMS Packaging. We hold our courses onsite for clients, and where the industry resides, whether in North America, Europe or Asia. In this area of lean budgets and limited time, engineers and scientists must take charge of their own education. Although there isnít always time or budget to attend the latest conference or short course, there is time for ad-hoc learning. Semitracks facilitates that effort through our online training system. Our goal is to make education and training as affordable and focused as possible.

Chris Henderson, President