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February 18, 2013

Peter Bierhuis, President, Nordson ASYMTEK

Peter Bierhuis, President, Nordson ASYMTEK
Peter Bierhuis, President, Nordson ASYMTEK
In 2013 Nordson ASYMTEK will be celebrating its 30th year in the business of delivering superior dispensing solutions. The business success that we have enjoyed over those years is creating a tremendous foundation for continued growth. We continue to listen carefully to what our customers need and we produce high quality products that deliver as promised.

Near term we see our customers expecting continued progress in lowering the overall costs of production. For us, that means lowering the acquisition and ownership costs of dispensing and coating equipment. Greater process controls and expert support to fine tune those controls are values that pay back every day by enabling our customers to produce better quality products with minimal operator intervention.

The recently introduced NexJet® system featuring the Genius™ Jet Cartridge is a good example of how advanced technology can be leveraged into real value for our customers. The NexJet system’s technical performance delivers superior jetting and coating that enables new applications, plus the innovative cartridge design minimizes maintenance effort. The system's RFID feature takes the guess work out of maintenance intervals, while the quick change cartridge allows for exchange within a few minutes.

Peter Bierhuis, President