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February 4, 2013

James Quinn, VP Sales & Marketing, Multitest

James Quinn, VP Sales & Marketing, Multitest
James Quinn, VP Sales & Marketing, Multitest
The amount of chips used in end-user products is still rising and the complexity of the chips is constantly increasing which requires new test and handling solutions. Despite the overall uncertainty in the markets -- especially in the automobile industry and its supply chain the year 2012 was satisfactory -- however on low levels. Given the more optimistic signs we observe in China, the U.S. and Europe we are confident to see a better year 2013.

Electronics will mainly be driven by consumer applications. The major trends here are mobility - doing anything, anywhere at any time -- and the "sensorization" of life which means you find sensors (MEMs) in almost any application and often you find multiple sensors here. MEMS fusion is combining various stimuli into one package. Furthermore, sensors are part of the "More than Moore" approaches. They are miniaturized but also combined into into heterogeneous stacks of 3D ICs together with memory and controllers.

Those two trends will be a great opportunity for for the industry but also add complexity. Develop cost-efficient production of sensors applying state-of-the art production and packaging methods such as wafer thinning and 3D will be crucial.

These new methods also increase the requirements for semiconductor test. Especially, 3D integration is not a mature process and various strategies are currently implemented. For this new technology no production and test standards are available. Therefore early and intensive partnering with equipment suppliers to develop successful solutions will bear a significant competitive advantage.

We see that semiconductor companies are streamlining their supplier portfolio. Their goal is to work with fewer suppliers and to get comprehensive turn-key solutions. Based on our wide and unique product portfolio (test handlers, contactors and load boards) we are able to offer our Plug & Yield program, which provides fully integrated test solutions. Additionally, we have established business partnerships within the industry to provide even more comprehensive one-stop solutions in order to go "beyond Plug & Yield".

We are in continuous contact with our customers worldwide to discuss state-of-the-art test solutions and we will continue to build on global business partnerships to drive and support these new technologies.

James Quinn, VP Sales & Marketing