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January 31, 2013

Ricardo I. Fuentes, President/CEO, MATECH

Ricardo I. Fuentes, President/CEO, MATECH
Ricardo I. Fuentes, President/CEO, MATECH
At Materials and Technologies, Corp. (MATECH) we are looking forward to 2013. Hopefully, the uncertainty of an election year and the threat of the fiscal cliff will be behind us and the industry will have a clearer view of the way ahead. We expect that the visibility gained will result in improved capital spending driven by more aggressive medium-term planning.

MATECH provides advanced wet processing solutions for the semiconductor and solar industry. Packaging and multi-junction solar cell technology became our focus in 2012 and will remain so in 2013. Advances and tighter requirements in 3D stacking and systems-on-a-chip (SoC) will bring new opportunities for our WaveEtch™ single-sided wet etching, thinning, and cleaning technologies.

With an optimistic view of the future and faith in the industry, MATECH invested in 2012 in the development of a new generation of robotic heads for our tools, hired new personnel, and pioneered new materials and technologies for our wet processor modules.

We introduced a new member of the WaveEtch™ family: the Model 108 Lab and Development tool. It is a smaller, more cost effective, yet fully capable single-sided wet processor. We also launched a new version of our WaveSoft™ operating software with more versatility, power, and an improved user interface.

At MATECH we are ready and looking forward to serve our clients in 2013. To those that already are our clients we thank for you sponsorship.

Ricardo Fuentes, President/CEO
Materials and Technologies, Corp. (MATECH)