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January 24, 2013

Tom Mealey, Executive, Virtual Industries, Inc.

Tom Mealey, Executive, Virtual Industries, Inc.
Tom Mealey, Executive, Virtual Industries, Inc.
For several years companies around the United States have been on-shoring jobs that were previously sent overseas. Companies who have off-shored in the past have experienced quality problems, communication issues, intellectual property issues and increasing shipping costs.

The White House has promised to provide incentives for businesses to bring jobs back from China, Japan and Mexico to the United States. These are some good reasons to see an increase of US manufacturing jobs in the coming year.

Apple, Google and GE have already announced plans to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US in 2013. These may seem like a drop in the bucket but it is an ongoing trend. With these new US jobs there will be a need for capital equipment as well as hand tools which is where our products fit into the picture.

Our plan for 2013 includes continuing to search out new customers and distribution through trade show attendance, print marketing and an increased online presence. We will continue to promote our product line as safe hand-tools for manual-handling of micro-sized as well as larger parts in critical-environment manufacturing processes. We expect to see stronger sales in 2013 and will add staff as increased sales dictates.

Tom Mealey, Executive
Virtual Industries, Inc.