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January 8, 2013

Don Feuerstein, VP, SemiProbe, Inc

Don Feuerstein, VP, SemiProbe, Inc
Don Feuerstein, VP, SemiProbe, Inc
Each year our customers in the Semiconductor Industry are bringing to market more capable products yet having to sell them for less money (Moore's Law). Instead of the traditional capital equipment model of selling legacy design single use tools, the SemiProbe Probe System for Life modular system architecture has allowed us to deliver lower cost, higher value solutions.

We see this trend in the market continuing to accelerate in 2013. Systems that can be upgraded in the field from one wafer size to another, convert from manual to semi to fully automatic, add custom features and capabilities are going to lead the way to lower cost of test.

Advanced wafer level packaging has required even low cost die added to the package be certified as KGD will continue to provide SemiProbe with significant market opportunities. Cost effective solutions for both wafer probe and optical inspection will allow us to continue the record setting growth we have enjoyed during 2012.

Don Feuerstein, VP
SemiProbe, Inc