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March 12, 2012

iMAPS Device Packaging Conference

iMAPS Device Packaging Conference
Ken Cavallaro, Business Manager, Semiconductor Packaging News
Semiconductor Packaging News was invited to attend the iMAPS Device Packaging Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. last week. The 8th annual conference brings together the microelectronics supply chain and the event was very successful as the conference exceeded expectations with an increase of attendees. The exhibit space was also sold out well in advance of the conference and the hotel sold out of rooms.

We listened to many speakers during the two day conference and the presenters were upbeat about the industry, as the inventory correction seems to have bottomed-out and confidence is increasing for 2012.

The semi and micro-electronics industry has seen the development of 3D and TSV technology rapidly become adopted across a wide spectrum of devices. The conference provides a forum on the latest technological developments in 5 areas related to microelectronic packaging 2.5D & 3D IC & Packaging; Flip Chip & Wafer Level Packaging; MEMS & Associated Microsystems; High Brightness LEDs; and Passive Integration.

iMAPS Device Packaging Conference
There were two keynote presentations to begin the conference and the ballroom was overflowing with attendees. Arriving even a few minutes late, meant you were standing outside the room trying to catch a glimpse of the speakers. The first presentation featured a discussion about "The Challenges for the New Semiconductor Packaging Technology Era" with Dr. Nick (Namseog) Kim, Vice President, Hynix Semiconductor Inc.

He commented that the packaging technologies can now increase the density, performance and convergence of the product more than the fab processes within in semiconductor area. The cost, however, to increase the density and shrinkage of the devices is increasing and may become a limiting factor.

The second keynote address was focused on Flip Chip & Wafer Level Packaging, "Escalating Challenges in Developing Complex Solutions for Next Generation Package and Interconnect Technologies" by Dr. Robert Darveaux, Senior Vice President of Technology & Platform Development of Amkor Technology, Inc. He discussed device trends driving IC package development today, among the most prevalent are:

  • Form factor reduction for handheld devices
  • Increased functionality requiring higher bandwidth
  • Higher power dissipation
  • Higher operating frequencies resulting in reduced electrical noise margins
  • Increased use of sensors
  • Full conversion to green material sets & Silicon node progression.

There were over 40 technical sessions on a wide range of topics and 60 exhibitors demonstrating their latest technology. You can learn more about these sessions from this web link: http://www.imaps.org/programs/devicepackaging2012.htm

The conference was a success and reinforced the industry's development of 3D and TSV technology to meet consumer demand for faster, smaller and cheaper.

Ken Cavallaro , Business Manager
Semiconductor Pakaging News