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February 24, 2012

Jeanne Beacham, President, Delphon Industries

Jeanne Beacham, President, Delphon Industries
Jeanne Beacham,
President, Delphon
More connectivity and not just the cloud, facebook and twitter but the kind that we see and feel related to our business everyday. Connectivity is how every event in any country we do business in or buy raw materials from affect our business.

We are truly connected to our customers, their customers, our suppliers and the systems that transport our products and materials around the world. The convergence of a true world economy and minute by minute news of the world touches our lives and impacts our business everyday.

2011 saw the Tsunami in Japan,  the  floods in Thailand, the economic crisis in Europe, the value of the dollar and oil prices. To look to the future of 2012 you are actually very positive when you reflect on 2011. You could actually come away amazed at how well we did last year despite all that was thrown at the industry.  

So what does 2012 look like? Problems with world economy, the elections, and the natural disasters that will again bring disruptions and opportunities. However, at the same time the world will seem smaller and more closely tied and that is good because we are not dependent on one technology, one customer, one currency, or one country.

We are dependent on many and the crystal ball for 2012 is looking like the opportunities and growth will out pace the interruptions and the distractions. The IC industry will see advancements in 3D, Stacking, Power and regionalization to reduce the impact of the events of the coming year.

Jeanne Beacham, President
Delphon Industries