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February 1, 2012

Frank P. Averdung, President & CEO, SUSS MicroTec AG

Frank P. Averdung, President & CEO, SUSS MicroTec AG
Frank P. Averdung,
President & CEO,
SUSS MicroTec AG
2011 was one of the best years ever for SUSS MicroTec. Thriving electronics markets needed additional production capacity for new semiconductor products. SUSS MicroTec, one of the key equipment suppliers for the semiconductor backend, benefited accordingly.

SUSS MicroTec could expand its strong market position. We achieved market leader status in three out of our four product areas as a result of continuous innovation and a product portfolio perfectly matching the requirements of our global customer base.

Also in 2012 the key challenge for our industry remains to put more transistors into a smaller space, either through reducing feature sizes, "shrinking", or through increasing packaging density by utilizing the third dimension, "stacking".

SUSS MicroTec  is actively engaged in enabling the 2D and 3D roadmap with its broad set of solutions across its product lines.

The global macroeconomic boundary conditions driven by currency issues and country debt levels will remain uncertain in 2012. The big question is if they will impact the "real economy".

At the same time we see a high level of innovation in the newest generation of smartphones, tablet pcs, ultrabooks and TVs sparking renewed consumer interest.

For equipment suppliers 2012 will become more difficult than the previous year. The semiconductor industry however is healthy and I remain cautiously optimistic for the year to come.

Frank P. Averdung, President & CEO
SUSS MicroTec AG