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January 23, 2012

Neil O'Brien, Director of Sales, Finetech

Neil O'Brien, Director of Sales, Finetech
Neil O'Brien,
Director of Sales,
Despite the overall economic challenges, Finetech had a very successful 2011. Our SMT rework products continue to fill the demands for POP, 01005 and QFN repair. Two years ago, we added Martin GmbH to the Finetech family. The Martin products have become well known in the areas of BGA reballling and economical repair of game board, LED, and mobile devices.

In the microelectronics and die attach markets, we still have reason for a positive outlook in 2012. With our unique modular philosophy built around high accuracy base systems, we are the chosen solution for so many areas of assembly. Our sub-micron platforms like the Lambda and Femto are continually in demand for the most advanced applications in Optoelectronics, Sensors, Biomedical, Nano and others. Our Matrix MA bonder addresses high accuracy bonding while allowing large device and substrate capability. 300mm wafer substrates are now possible.

With all companies trying to do more with less, Finetech is well positioned to address those needs across a broad spectrum of applications. While I cannot predict the production volumes to come, I can say that the desire to innovate will be alive and well in 2012.

Neil O'Brien, Director of Sales